January 29, 2006


the blahs...

ever have one of those days where its just crud? its not a BAD day, there's no events that happened to particularly sour it. in fact, i had a fantastic weekend and today was my 'relax at home' day. but it just felt like crud. its only 8:30 and i feel like crawling into bed now and sleeping till next weekend. but if i do, it just means i'll wake up at 5am, feeling worse, and fall back asleep around 7 just in time to sleep through my alarm and end up late for work.

gee, that was oddly specific. not like thats ever HAPPENED to me before... hah.

i'm off to attempt to finish the sleeve on one of my ancient WIPs: a red heart minisweater.

no mocking the acrylic! i wanted this as a work-horse washable sweater, where i didnt care if i messed it all up. something simple to toss on in the spring so i can start wearing my tank-tops earlier. and i found just the right gague where it actually drapes pretty well.

someone, cheer me up. please?

there are a lot of blahs going around, but i imagine that it will pass soon. can i tell you that i am just happy that you are blogging again? i thought there for awhile that you were allergic to my socks.
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