January 16, 2006


ever sat at home thinking of good names for a blog post?

i just spent the last ten minutes doing that, before i realized... fuck it, just start writing.

i've been a fool... i've joined a few -alongs that i SHOULD not have... but i'm doin' it anyway! jaywalker? i couldnt resist. the ABC-along? well, you already saw letter A, so my guilt is written all over my face. last but not least, i've joined stephanie's olympic challenge. what, am i MAD???

i've decided that for the olympics, i'm going to participate in two events. my favorite, pairs figure skating (socks!) will be my easy, on-the-go work. i'll be saving the triathalon (is there one of those in the winter olympics?!?) of conceptualize - design - knit for home, when i can focus more on the event at hand. hey, thats not to say figure skating isnt tough... they just make it look so darn easy!

so in layman's terms, i'm pledging to cast on AND complete, in the span of the winter olympics, one pair of socks and one self-designed sweater. am i nuts? c'mon STEPHANIE's making a Dale sweater in 16 days. who does she think she is, wendy?

oh, and work... its CRAZY. who wants to take bets on how long it takes me to crack?

stay tuned for a CONTEST on friday. tell your friends!

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