January 08, 2006


A is for... apology.

i have officially joined the ABC-along (however, my sidebar doesnt recognize that... YET) and have been tardy with my FIRST post... this doesnt bode well. well... here, let me try to make it up to you. i'm sorry for the image sizes, i dont have any resizing software on my computer any more. anyone want to donate some?
A is for...

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asher! my sweet little monster. he's commonly refered to as the asshole, jerkwad, butt-face, etc. the only reason he's still cute is most of his damage done is because he just too dumb to know better. that memo about cats landing on their feet? he never got it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
adam! my other sweet not-so-little monster. pirate-obsessed, big muscled, bespeckled hunk of a man ;) sorry ladies, he's taken.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
another fantastic new years party! this new year was ALMOST ruined by some stupid drama... but we rose above, headed to a better party, and had a total blast with some of our favorite people.

last but not least, my two loves, artichokes and asparagus! i may not dig spinach, but i love my greens.

ok hopefully i'll be on time for the REST of the alphabet!

it is good to see you posting again! i like your choice of A veggies!
There is no apology needed. It's an every-two-week commitment -- only post it sometime in that two weeks.

Man, those are some big photos! Scared the hell out of me!
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