January 22, 2006


listening post

i'm having two listening issues that i'm hoping you folks can help me with.

a. i got a beautiful pink Creative Zen Micro mp3 player for christmas. i LOVE it. but i hate the headphones that came with it. they wont stay in my ears, and the little foam things are useless and constantly falling off. what's your favorite ear-bud style headphones? i need new ones!

b. podcasts HATE me. i thought i fully downloaded tons of them... knitcast, knitting news, etc. however, when i go to play them on the above mentioned mp3 player i get about 3 or 4 minutes in, then they cut off. has this happened to anyone else? should i just try re-downloading them?

i cant wear buds, they fall out of my ears too. EXCEPT The ones that came with my ipod - they are still slightly too big but they stay put...

Podcasts - I owuld redownload them - I get mine thru itunes so it complains if a download failed - perhaps on the feed site itself you can grab the full podcast and see if it works on your pc, vs what you are getting on your mp3 player? And maybe it is the computer issues you were having? (The timing fae really need to line up eventually so you will actually be around when life isn't throwing tons of busy work my way!)
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