January 10, 2006


totaly normal, right?

when i saw that dani had received her SP7 match... i immediatly started checking my email. every 5 minutes. c'mon c'mon!

edit: its 4am EST. i dont know what time zone our lovely hostess is in... (i know there's more than one host, she's just the one who emailed me to say matches were coming soon) but i'm pretty sure its not happening tonight. wanna bet i'm checking my email again before work tomorrow? and maybe just once more after i post this... just incase...

*one of my unofficial resolutions is to make my posts more interesting... for example including LINKS to the people and things i reference. i'm usually just too lazy to do my 'research'... but i'm doing better, right?*

I understand totally!!
I havent heard from my fiber godmother, or my SP7 match up though (although I contacted MY fiber GodDaughter and SP7 match up, but I'm compulsive like that :LOL)
Sorry to keep you guys anxiously awaiting. This matching business is hard! I'm about 75% through... just making sure everything's right before I send them out to you guys. Glad to see such enthusiasm, though!! Look for a match tomorrow afternoon.
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