January 04, 2006


Wednesdays are for blogging!

thats not to say that i wont post on other days, too, but i've promised myself that wednesdays are GUARANTEED to be a blog-day.

a few highlights you may have missed lately:
* i actually made it, i KNIT presents for everyone on my list this year! i finally got realistic and decided that 5 sweaters, 7 scarves, and 4 pairs of lace socks wasnt going to happen. but 16 pairs of fuzzy feet COULD happen, and it did! (it helps being out of work for over a month.) pics... some day.
* i'm in a serious sock-fit right now. i havent bought a pair of needles over size 3 in ages, its all toothpicks all the time 'round here.
* next week it'll be 6 months with the man in my life... and i hope to keep him right there where he belongs. (next to me, that is.) pics and info also to come.

now, as a little way to kickstart my blogging, a quick survey for the upcoming SP7, as stolen from the boogie blog:

What are your favorite fibers?
wool, alpaca, angora, silk... anything SOFT. i pick by sticking my hand deep into something and wiggling around. if there's ANY itch... its out. frog tree alpaca's currently the top of my list.

What fibers would end up sitting in your stash until you cleaned house and then be gifted to someone else?
novelties. sure, there's a time and a place for eyelash, ladder, etc. but not in MY knittng.

Favorite brands?
noro, cascade, noro, frog tree, noro, artyarns, noro, lavold, did i mention i <3 noro?

Brands you wouldn't touch if they were the last fibers on earth?
i can find something i like in almost any brand... but i think me and debbie bliss dont get along too well for some reason.

Name a brand or fiber that you've never tried but are dying to try.
any hand-spun or hand-paints i havent had the pleasure of meeting yet. i want to try all the knitter-made products floating around cyberspace, the ones i cant get my hands on at my local LYS. oh, lorna's laces is #1 though. i've never even TOUCHED anything lorna's... sigh.

Favorite colors?
forest tones... greens, browns. and vivid colors. rich garnet, violent pink, raging purple.

Least favorite?
navy blue. cant stand it.

What range of yarn weights do you prefer?
sock weight & worsted. bulky's have their place though... i'm not one to discriminate.

What are your favorite needles?
again, things i havent had access to yet intrigue me. lantern moon? inox? crystal palace? never even seen them in person! tangibly though, i've fallen in love with clover needles. i think i like the join on the bamboo ones better than the addi naturals.

Any yarn/fiber allergies? Any other allergies your pal should know about?
none at all. except a knee-jerk nausea reaction to scratchy synthetics.

What's your favorite thing to knit?
i'm in love with socks at the moment. but my long term love affair is with well-designed shapely sweaters.

What are you knitting now?
everything. at least 3 pairs of socks, a flower basket shawl, a boogie vest, a rosedale (still dont know if it'll be united or not, i'm on the sleeves), a few hats...

Do you spin? If yes, do you use a spindle or a wheel? Do you have the tools to process locks or do you only work with prepared fiber?
i have only two words for all of that: not yet.

Are you involved in any other crafts?
i want to learn pottery eventually, along with metal working. currently, i do a lot of work with mixed media junk art, and word-art. (like writing, but more fun.)

Do you celebrate any specific winter holidays?
christmas and solstice. (though i dont think this is relevant for the sp, but i may as well answer.)

Name your #1 style icon, dead or alive. What is it about him or her that attracts you?
all those nameless girls in the WWII pin-ups. how hot!

Name something that you want, but just can't get where you live.
i'm intrigued by ANYTHING that i cant get here... which is, truly, a huge list. i just love far-away toys in general.

What is your preferred knitting soundtrack?
law & order: SVU, las vegas, lost, House... i have a Prime Time Problem.

Who are your favorite knitting designers?
i'm always inspired by knitty. if i had to pick one, though, it would be the Lady of Glampyre.

Describe your vision of the perfect knitting publication -- the target audience, the cover, the type of designs featured, etc.
something featuring a lot of well-tailored knits of ALL sizes, with sophisticated color work and texture with a modern-but-still-classic feel. aimed at the 20-50 set... no leg warmers, kitschy fun-fur accessories... just fun, interesting knitting.

Do you have an Amazon Wish List (or other on-line gift registry)?
yes indeed. its listed under my brokedown_tiger@yahoo.com email

Favorite scents?
winter stuff, like spruce and pine, apples and cinnamon. and fresh spring-y scents, like jasmine, citrus, plumeria, lemongrass...

Do you enjoy candles? Bath products? Incense?
with all my heart. i love smelly stinky stuff.

Do you have a sweet tooth?
sort of. while i cant get enough of wonka products like gobstoppers and bottlecaps (both in front of me as we speak) i have a serious salty tooth too. pistachios... my dear sweet pistachios. (oh, and have you ever had lindt's 70% cocoa chocolate bar? i dont say this lightly... MY FAVORITE CHOCOLATE EVER.)

Coffee, tea or no caffeine, please?
caffeine in soda form... dr. pepper specifically. i love the dr, we're very close. on a first name basis even. stan and i have been together a long time now.
i also lovelovelove tea. i have a modest rack of different herbals, red teas, flavored greens... anything but black, really. adagio has some really cool stuff.

Do you collect anything?
the only intentional collection is other people's art. my little cousins have all drawn pictures that are up on my wall, and a few friends have contributed paintings, photographs, and the likes. thats my prefered method of decorating my apartment. i also have a growing collection of interesting OVERSIZED mugs, they're so comforting and pretty at the same time. unusual, small, toys seem to have found their way into my life too. mini rubber duckies, "ugly monster" keychains... etc. i have a tiny stuffed penguin sitting on my computer :)

Describe a perfect day, from the moment you wake up until you hit the sheets.
the brief version, a homemade waffle and bacon breakfast, snuggle time with the boy, knitting time with some TV, play time with all the little cousins & my parents dog, a big dinner with everyone at my folks place, and collapsing on the couch with Pop Secret Movie Butter popcorn and an excelent movie at the end of the day... everyone's feet wrapped in super-warm fuzzy feet.

Anything else your pal should know about you? Is there anything left?
anything that wasnt answered here... i'd be happy to answer if you can THINK of anyting else. i'm also going to work on my 101 things about me list, so that should be a bit more helpful too.

Hi, I was just wondering, if you got my last Sp package with the white - orange yarn? You got very quiet and I would like to know it :) Your SP5
Hey Alice - nice to see you back!
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