February 19, 2006



my darling secret pal, i hope you dont think i've been neglecting you. i truly havent. i've actually been enjoying the trinkets you sent me a GREAT deal... perhaps a bit too much, as obviously i've neglected posting about the delightful things you sent me.

to note, this is the first time i've ever physically laid hands on lorna's laces. worth the wait ;)

if i can get the camera to work with the computer one of these days, i'll go back and edit this post to include them. we're in peace talks right now, i'll let you know how it goes.


For some reason, your post just NOW showed up for me, too. I was *just* starting to get worried, since things like to disappear from our post office WAY too regularly. :)

I'm so glad you liked everything! i just finished up the knitting olympics thing, too, so I'm a little behind on sending package #2. BUT...I shopped for it a bit today, and got some little goodies to enclose that I think you'll loooove....

:) :) :)
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