February 04, 2006


you guys are just too much!

i've noticed that a lot of my recent comments are along the lines of "its good to see you blogging again!" well, its good to be back! and frankly, i didnt really think anyone had noticed my absence. well, let me tell you, its SO nice to see that some of you did. and i really appreciate it. that's one stellar way to help me get rid of the blah's!

and marti, by the way, if i had a way to resize photo's i'd show you right now... but i want you to know that while i was reading your comment about possibly being allergic to your socks... i was wearing your socks!

the last post, with the subject "brokeback wha?" DID have an actual post under it... however blogger ate it. i'll probably go back and fix it later, but right now... i have a GUEST BUNNY to attend to.

i've been very lazy about updating you all on what i do now... so i'll make that another post another day.(or maybe just later today if you're lucky.) but in short, we have a lot of rabbits at work, and i took one home for the weekend for a 'test run' with the cats. so far, so good! wish us luck :)

We ARE glad you're blogging again. :)

And did you happen to get a little package in the mail yet? :)

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