March 13, 2006



not the human kind, no... not yet! the kitty kind :)

i stopped into my local shelter to ask about fostering kittens. as many of you know, they frequently get nearly-newborn babies dropped off that need to be syringe-fed for the first few weeks, with 24-hour care, and i have LOTS of experience with that. the lady behind the desk practically JUMPED with joy... they had a girl in the back in labor at that very moment, and they needed somewhere to send her and her litter!!

i went back today to pick them up... a beautiful healthy litter of 4. one black, three white with black caps. pretty sure 2 males and 2 females, but i'm not certain, its still a little... difficult to tell heh.

more later, the littlest girl is having trouble nursing and i have to frequently re-attach her. she tells me she needs help by squalking non-stop :) (mama's still recovering from some injuries, so she's not all too helpful yet.)

tomorrow: the story of mama and how she came to be at Save-A-Pet!

ohhh pics please? baby kitties and puppies are just ooo cute!

How have you been? It's nice to see you posting occassionally =)
Oh, I can't wait to see them! You're great for taking care of them. I'm sure they're happy to have you.
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