March 27, 2007


the reinvention starts!

for anyone who still reads this blog (if there IS anyone)... i've moved!

my new home!

come visit me, i could really use some friends right now.

March 14, 2006


photo probs...

dani and suzanne... i've got two issues with giving you pics of the little squirmy weasels. a, i have no photo resizing software, still! dani, any FREE recomendations? and 2, its very difficult getting pics of little ones curled up in the back of a dark kitty-den when i dont want to piss off mama with a flash... but we've come up with a name for mama!

EOWYN. hehe. i had to get a LOTR reference in there. she's all white, with grey markings on her head that resemble a helmet, and she's fiercly protective and loyal to her babies. she'd make one hell of a shield-maiden :)

March 13, 2006



not the human kind, no... not yet! the kitty kind :)

i stopped into my local shelter to ask about fostering kittens. as many of you know, they frequently get nearly-newborn babies dropped off that need to be syringe-fed for the first few weeks, with 24-hour care, and i have LOTS of experience with that. the lady behind the desk practically JUMPED with joy... they had a girl in the back in labor at that very moment, and they needed somewhere to send her and her litter!!

i went back today to pick them up... a beautiful healthy litter of 4. one black, three white with black caps. pretty sure 2 males and 2 females, but i'm not certain, its still a little... difficult to tell heh.

more later, the littlest girl is having trouble nursing and i have to frequently re-attach her. she tells me she needs help by squalking non-stop :) (mama's still recovering from some injuries, so she's not all too helpful yet.)

tomorrow: the story of mama and how she came to be at Save-A-Pet!

March 09, 2006


one is silver...

in an effort to make new friends (and definatly keep the old!) i'm a participant in SEVERAL swaps going on at the moment :)

i'm too darn sick to hunt down and include links, i'm sure you all know where to find them.

lets just hope i can maintain momentum, and meet all these deadlines! i'm a very deadline challenged girl, maybe this is my way of testing a new resolve to change!

back to sleep for me.

February 20, 2006


tonight i'm grateful...

... that i am safe and warm in my own house.

all of these poor folks are taking shelter in the nearby schools and shelters. i suppose its a good thing there's no school tomorrow...

February 19, 2006



my darling secret pal, i hope you dont think i've been neglecting you. i truly havent. i've actually been enjoying the trinkets you sent me a GREAT deal... perhaps a bit too much, as obviously i've neglected posting about the delightful things you sent me.

to note, this is the first time i've ever physically laid hands on lorna's laces. worth the wait ;)

if i can get the camera to work with the computer one of these days, i'll go back and edit this post to include them. we're in peace talks right now, i'll let you know how it goes.


wrapped up in the excitement

i'd love to say "well i havent been posting, cause i've been too busy knitting!"

i could, but it wouldnt be true.

ok so it WAS true for the first two or three days. i cast on with the opening ceremonies, i knit furiously through the first few events saturday and sunday... and then...

i'm not even going to show you.

picture cascade 220, green/teal color, two XO cables running up the front, some waist shaping done. i'm realizing i may have started the waist shaping too soon, causing the waist to land unatractively on my widest parts. so this may all be ripped out anyway.

oh well, i'm disgustingly optimistic about this! hehe. i'll see you all at the finish line!

February 04, 2006


you guys are just too much!

i've noticed that a lot of my recent comments are along the lines of "its good to see you blogging again!" well, its good to be back! and frankly, i didnt really think anyone had noticed my absence. well, let me tell you, its SO nice to see that some of you did. and i really appreciate it. that's one stellar way to help me get rid of the blah's!

and marti, by the way, if i had a way to resize photo's i'd show you right now... but i want you to know that while i was reading your comment about possibly being allergic to your socks... i was wearing your socks!

the last post, with the subject "brokeback wha?" DID have an actual post under it... however blogger ate it. i'll probably go back and fix it later, but right now... i have a GUEST BUNNY to attend to.

i've been very lazy about updating you all on what i do now... so i'll make that another post another day.(or maybe just later today if you're lucky.) but in short, we have a lot of rabbits at work, and i took one home for the weekend for a 'test run' with the cats. so far, so good! wish us luck :)

February 03, 2006


brokeback wha?

January 29, 2006


the blahs...

ever have one of those days where its just crud? its not a BAD day, there's no events that happened to particularly sour it. in fact, i had a fantastic weekend and today was my 'relax at home' day. but it just felt like crud. its only 8:30 and i feel like crawling into bed now and sleeping till next weekend. but if i do, it just means i'll wake up at 5am, feeling worse, and fall back asleep around 7 just in time to sleep through my alarm and end up late for work.

gee, that was oddly specific. not like thats ever HAPPENED to me before... hah.

i'm off to attempt to finish the sleeve on one of my ancient WIPs: a red heart minisweater.

no mocking the acrylic! i wanted this as a work-horse washable sweater, where i didnt care if i messed it all up. something simple to toss on in the spring so i can start wearing my tank-tops earlier. and i found just the right gague where it actually drapes pretty well.

someone, cheer me up. please?

January 23, 2006

...The only reported election glitch occurred in Eastern Canada. At a polling station in New Glasgow, N.S., a man took off with a ballot box.

Just after noon, the man ran into a polling station in the town's stadium and tried to grab two boxes. An election official snatched one, but the man made it out with the other one under his arm.

"The suspect actually went to the parking area, placed the box down on the ground and actually used his own personal vehicle [and] drove over the Elections Canada box," said Const. Ken MacDonald of New Glasgow police.

The man sped away. However, officers picked him a little while later.

Although the box was flattened, no ballots were destroyed. Scrutineers watched as the deputy returning officer transferred all of the ballots into a new box.


is it just me, or are you all CRAZY? (gosh i hope so, as i may end up living there some day!)

...knitting stuff to resume after much sleep.

January 22, 2006


listening post

i'm having two listening issues that i'm hoping you folks can help me with.

a. i got a beautiful pink Creative Zen Micro mp3 player for christmas. i LOVE it. but i hate the headphones that came with it. they wont stay in my ears, and the little foam things are useless and constantly falling off. what's your favorite ear-bud style headphones? i need new ones!

b. podcasts HATE me. i thought i fully downloaded tons of them... knitcast, knitting news, etc. however, when i go to play them on the above mentioned mp3 player i get about 3 or 4 minutes in, then they cut off. has this happened to anyone else? should i just try re-downloading them?

January 16, 2006


ever sat at home thinking of good names for a blog post?

i just spent the last ten minutes doing that, before i realized... fuck it, just start writing.

i've been a fool... i've joined a few -alongs that i SHOULD not have... but i'm doin' it anyway! jaywalker? i couldnt resist. the ABC-along? well, you already saw letter A, so my guilt is written all over my face. last but not least, i've joined stephanie's olympic challenge. what, am i MAD???

i've decided that for the olympics, i'm going to participate in two events. my favorite, pairs figure skating (socks!) will be my easy, on-the-go work. i'll be saving the triathalon (is there one of those in the winter olympics?!?) of conceptualize - design - knit for home, when i can focus more on the event at hand. hey, thats not to say figure skating isnt tough... they just make it look so darn easy!

so in layman's terms, i'm pledging to cast on AND complete, in the span of the winter olympics, one pair of socks and one self-designed sweater. am i nuts? c'mon STEPHANIE's making a Dale sweater in 16 days. who does she think she is, wendy?

oh, and work... its CRAZY. who wants to take bets on how long it takes me to crack?

stay tuned for a CONTEST on friday. tell your friends!

January 10, 2006


totaly normal, right?

when i saw that dani had received her SP7 match... i immediatly started checking my email. every 5 minutes. c'mon c'mon!

edit: its 4am EST. i dont know what time zone our lovely hostess is in... (i know there's more than one host, she's just the one who emailed me to say matches were coming soon) but i'm pretty sure its not happening tonight. wanna bet i'm checking my email again before work tomorrow? and maybe just once more after i post this... just incase...

*one of my unofficial resolutions is to make my posts more interesting... for example including LINKS to the people and things i reference. i'm usually just too lazy to do my 'research'... but i'm doing better, right?*

January 08, 2006


A is for... apology.

i have officially joined the ABC-along (however, my sidebar doesnt recognize that... YET) and have been tardy with my FIRST post... this doesnt bode well. well... here, let me try to make it up to you. i'm sorry for the image sizes, i dont have any resizing software on my computer any more. anyone want to donate some?
A is for...

Image hosted by
asher! my sweet little monster. he's commonly refered to as the asshole, jerkwad, butt-face, etc. the only reason he's still cute is most of his damage done is because he just too dumb to know better. that memo about cats landing on their feet? he never got it.

Image hosted by
adam! my other sweet not-so-little monster. pirate-obsessed, big muscled, bespeckled hunk of a man ;) sorry ladies, he's taken.

Image hosted by
another fantastic new years party! this new year was ALMOST ruined by some stupid drama... but we rose above, headed to a better party, and had a total blast with some of our favorite people.

last but not least, my two loves, artichokes and asparagus! i may not dig spinach, but i love my greens.

ok hopefully i'll be on time for the REST of the alphabet!

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